Today’s Prayer

Lord, let my weary heart accept Your invitation to come away with You to a secluded place for rest and nourishment that prayer offers. I delight to be with You, Jesus. Probe my soul until You find what needs to be fixed. Examine and test me so that I can be led in the way of everlasting righteousness. Let my mouth not transgress the boundaries of truth given in Your Word. Keep me from the wickedness that tries to pull me away from You, Lord. Shield me from the enticements of evil. I call on You because You answer me. I expose my heart to You because You, alone, can protect me. May the wonders of Your divine love captivate me completely. May the holiness of Your presence tether me next to Your heart, God. In You, I find refuge from the plague of an exhausted heart because You are the One who resurrects joy within me. Under the beautiful reminder and call of Your Word in Mark 6:31 and the blessed authority of Jesus, I lay these prayers upon the altar of my God.

 “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a little while”
Mark 6:31, ESV

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