Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, embrace my soul in the arms of Your affectionate love. Your humble servant bows before You with a prayer-filled alabaster jar of the ointment of gratitude to pour out on Your scarred feet. Let Your appraisal wash over me, covering me with the sweetest scent of grace. Let me tarry here just a little while as the world passes me by and I revel in abiding love. Though my affectionate praise pales in comparison to Your unending love, I take delight in You. My treasures are no longer of this world, but are stored within Your heart. Take me there, my Lord, where I can eternally be. Take me to the borders of freedom so that I can cross over out of the land of captivity. For I long to hold fast to You and only You, my Lord and King. Let the tether of this world that binds me be broken. Let the silver cord that shackles me be sliced by the flaming sword of grace. Let my heart penetrate the depths of living water like a fish that cannot live above the environment for which it was made. Only in abiding in Christ can I truly breathe. Only in serving my King can I truly live. Under the mighty power of Your Word in Acts 17:28 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I come before the altar in humble prayer.

‘For in Him we live and move and have our being.’
As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are His offspring.’
Acts 17:28, NIV

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