Today’s Prayer

My present trouble is as nothing compared with the love You have given me and the promise with which You hold me, my Lord. Each day in Your mercy I am sustained. Each night You beckon me to rest within Your arms. Let my heart respond in a song of gratitude as Your voice washes over me in a sweet lullaby of truth. Draw me back into Your embrace, Lord, for I am a weary traveler who longs for home. Forgive my heart’s aimless wandering in search of satisfaction for desires which my immortal nature cannot find outside of Your Kingdom. Strengthen me for the return to Your heart, Jesus. Draw me into the depths of Your truth where I belong. Let my soul finally rest in Your peace as my heart longs for mystery revealed and my spirit delights to be pierced with sweet revelation. Bring me into the veil, Lord Jesus, where I can reach my beloved’s heart and abide in that love forever. Take the outstretched hand of my very soul, Jesus, and make me Your own. Your mercy is fresh every morning as I fall in step beneath Your guiding light. Under the beauty of the Word in Psalm 119:156 and the authority of Christ, I pray.

Great are Your tender mercies and steadfast love, O Lord;
Revive me and give me life according to Your ordinances.
Psalm 119:156, AMP

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