Today’s Prayer

Lord, in my dereliction, lift my weary soul. Empower me with endurance so that I may watch Your Word over me fulfill itself to Your glory. Forgive me for my consistent blunder of trying to forecast Your answers. Release me from the stormy skies of expectation that disheartens. Let me not find discouragement in this place where You have designated me to stand in worshipful patience. May I not confer with flesh and blood when access to Your throne is granted me in prayerful humility beneath the blood of the cross. I look upon Your majesty with the wide-eyed wonder of a child in praise of my Father. You have asked of me to watch and wait in prayer. Awaken my soul with Your Spirit, my God, so that I might not fall into the sleep which beckons me by way of the flesh. Under the authoritative power of Your Word in Mark 14:39-41 and the majesty of my Savior, Christ Jesus, I pray.

And He went away again and prayed, repeating His pleadings.
Again He returned to them and found them sleeping,
for they were very tired.
The third time when He returned to them He said,
“Sleep on; get your rest! But no! The time for sleep has ended!”
Mark 14:39-41, TLB

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