Rebirthing Faith

TITLE: Rebirthing Faith

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

She was just an ordinary girl living in a small village of Ramah during the time of the judges. Her people had strayed far from pure devotion to God. Religious acts of duty became the doorway through which the corruption of the priestly line of Levi had begun. With everyone doing right in their own eyes, how long before Hannah’s people experienced the full wrath of God for their continued disobedience? As a woman, Hannah doubted if she could ever make a difference for God. She settled her heart on marriage and family as was the custom of her day. Yet, a dream sparked hope inside of her that one day she would be the mother a great new leader in Israel – a man who would lead God’s people back to the heart of devoted worship. When Hannah became betrothed to Elkanah, she thought her prophetic dreams would come to pass. Plagued by barrenness, tormented by her husband’s wavering faith and constantly provoked by a second wife in the household, Hannah struggled to maintain belief that things would turn out as God had shown her. How does a woman walk the treacherous path of forgiveness, holding onto a thin thread of faith when everything, including time, seems to work against her? Would Hannah rise above her present suffering in order to root her faith in God and not herself? Would she resist taking matters into her own hands when everyone around seemed to be doing just that?

This story is complete with questions at the end of the book for group discussion or personal reflection relating to each chapter.

Book Three in Woman of Valor Series (available in paperback or kindle)

To order: visit, search Devoted Steps Ministry or click on the link below:

Rebirthing Faith

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