Today’s Prayer

I come to You, my LORD and Savior, eager to receive Your embrace. When I spend time with You, I can relax in Your healing presence. I find that I am refreshed by Your perfect peace. The LORD, my God, has claimed victory over my life. He is able to do more than my human mind can fathom. So I come to Him with joyful expectation. I receive from Him an abundance of life. Forever may my soul sing praises. May my heart be filled with gratitude for the King has looked upon me with favor. For the King has tendered me by His gentle presence. For the King is ever with me and for me. O LORD God, let me be about You! Let me trust in You with a surrendered life. For only You can prepare me for the path stretched out before me. You have blessed me with Your grace. You have comforted me with Your love. You have said to me, “I want You to be mine.” But who am I to deserve Your love? Who am I to receive such grace? I am merely human but have been made a treasure in the sight of the LORD. And so I will worship You by living close to Your presence. I embrace Your truth. I will be willing to follow wherever You lead me, Jesus. I embrace Your guidance. I will follow You with my whole heart. Take away the distractions that divide my heart. Because joy is not derived from my circumstances, it is a gift I embrace from my LORD. Under the Word of truth in 1 John 4:19 and the blessed authority of Christ, I pray.

We love Him because He loved us first.
1 John 4:19, NLV

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