Today’s Prayer

Enable my heart to be poured out before You, Lord God. I come in reverence, in awe, in affection that runs deep in my veins. Make my heart beat in rhythm to Your delight. Shape my attentions with divine pleasurable focus into the depths of Your Word. Let my soul be conformed by the tenderest teaching of Your fingertips, Lord God. And when I am weak with infirmity take me to another level of spiritual strength that will shield me from carnal influences of self-pity. Renew my fervor and zeal to be known by You, Jesus. May the supply of Your Spirit be enough to sustain me in holiness. Your divine influence is the only thing I want to mold my soul. Assign me the tasks that will bring You the most glory whether they be blessing or trial. The same amazing love which has given me my daily bread has also helped me carry my cross daily. The same mighty Savior who entered willingly into evil’s snare on my behalf delivers me from temptation. Make me as aware of Your nearness in trial as I am in abundance. In the refuge of the sweet serenity of prayerful worship may I never forget to sing Your praises when blessings abound. In all things, in every situation, may Your beloved be content because I know to whom I belong. Under the Word given in Psalm 67:1-2 and the authority of Christ Jesus I bow in humble prayer.

May God be gracious to us and bless us
    and make His face to shine upon us, 
that Your way may be known on earth,
    Your saving power among all nations.
Psalm 67:1-2, ESV

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