TITLE: REPLENISH: Daily Prayers to Feed Your Soul

CATEGORY: Devotional Prayer

This book of prayer is designed as a yearly devotional to begin or end your day in contemplative prayer. The weight of a weary heart can be taxing on anyone’s life. When we intentionally seek God for strength in prayer, He delights to give us what we ask. It is through spending time alone with Him that our souls can be replenished when the regular duties of life drain and sap even the heartiest of saints. The short format of these prayers is great for beginners to daily prayer or can be used as a catalyst for journaling for those who are seasoned prayer warriors. Whether you are currently experiencing hardships that test your endurance or just want to form a daily habit of prayer, this collection will equip you to prioritize a short time with God each day in order to tap into His reservoir of love available to replenish any soul.

To order visit, search Devoted Steps Ministry or clink on the link below:



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