Devoted Steps


Category: Devotional

Keeping in step with the Spirit of God can be challenging in our hectic world. Carving out the time to be still with God is essential to cultivating the intimacy that our souls crave. This collection of daily devotionals for women is meant to inspire, encourage and enlighten your Spirit so that you can walk in confidence throughout your day. Taking the truth of scripture and applying it to everyday life not only enhances our relationship with God but it enables us to extend His grace and love to others. Begin the journey with the One who wants to walk with you each and every day as you share in these devotionals. This title is also available in Large Print Edition designed for those who prefer a bigger size font.

To order visit, search Devoted Steps Ministry or clink on the link below:

Devoted Steps

Here is what one reader thinks…

It is with a deep abiding love and commitment to Christ that the author writes these devotions with the driving force of the Holy Spirit.  She is so talented and in tune with the Holy Spirit as she writes with total abandon to the Holy Spirit of God.  The author knows pain; therefore, she can write about it with authority and authenticity.  Her love of God and His Holy Word is expressed through the pages of all her books.  She is uniquely and painfully honest in her writings, and has a way of causing you to look inwards and to want to make the changes to become all that God has created you to be.  All her books are simplistically relatable, yet challenge you to want to go deeper into a more intimate relationship with our Maker.  She knows the power and importance of prayer, therefore, she daily submits herself to the anointing of intercessory prayer by God’s Spirit to pray over His people.  Her strong faith and powerful prayers cause you to want more intimacy with God.

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