Today’s Prayer

Amazing and glorious are You, God of all the universe. Have Your way in the life of Your chosen servant. Stabilize my soul with Your sovereignty as You reveal to me the next part of the story I am living out for Your glory. Measure out Your faithfulness to me in abundance as You gladly take any anxiety I may have upon Yourself. For in You, I have all things needed for life and godliness. Fill my deep empty with the perfect presence of Your Spirit. Raise me up, Lord God, to be the person designed by Your hand for such a time as this. In the unfolding of my life story, may others witness Your glory. May the sparkles of grace light up my heart in such a way that the radiance of Christ drips from my soul. Under the majesty of Your word in Psalm 71:8 and the authority of the blood of Christ, I pray with a heart ready to be written upon.

My mouth is filled with your praise,
    and with your glory all the day.
Psalm 71:8, ESV

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