Today’s Prayer

Great and mighty is Your beautiful name, O Lord my God. Enfold Your precious servant in the warmth of Your embrace so that my heart does not grow cold in the valley of the enemy’s shadow of subtle lies and blatant attacks of doubt. Stabilize me in the  midst of confusing circumstances so that I can find rest in releasing burdens which You never decreed me to carry. Lighten my load, Jesus, from the outside with the removal of responsibilities that are overwhelming and from the inside with the illumination of clarity that comes from Your perfect will. May the eyes of my heart remain fixed upon my Prince of peace in order that the depths of my soul find satisfaction and rest in truth as I am enabled to recognize the horizon of eternity which beckons me to walk in the way of Him who loves me with a love that is incorruptible. Under the beauty of Your holy word in Ephesians 6:24 and the authority of Christ, these prayers are set before You.

Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ
with love incorruptible.

Ephesians 6:24, ESV

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