The Torn Veil

TITLE: The Torn Veil

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

A tragedy at sea left her stranded as a child floating on a door to keep her from the waters of death. Sold into slavery, forced to work at a young age, Lydia didn’t know her place. She had no family to go back to. She had no future to look toward. When the handsome son of her new master offered her love, Lydia was instantly smitten. The circumstances of life were quick to interfere. Though Lydia had been rescued from the raging sea, the tumultuous ups and downs of her life journey would create a turmoil of hopelessness that brought her to the edge of despair. Would she survive the loss, the betrayal and the responsibilities thrust upon her? Would the sacred words of the Jewish text truly anchor her to a hope that would last?When a divinely appointed messenger arrived in Philippi, Lydia heard the knocking on the door of her heart. She was being invited to something grander than the suffering of life. She was being led into a place where pain and purpose met. She was being ushered into a hope that anchored her soul, bringing her new life through the torn veil. Would Lydia be wise enough to open the door of her heart and receive the gift of truth that awaited her on the other side? Can hope truly claim victory over a life of despair?

Book Three of Faith, Love & Hope Series (available in paperback or kindle)

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The Torn Veil

Copy of Copy of Ember Among Ashes (2)



  1. I loved the first two books of this trilogy! I could hardly bring myself to put them down. I can hardly wait to start this third book of the “Faith, Love and Hope” series.

    D. M. Griffin is a talented new author whose work moves your emotions up and down like a rollercoaster ride. She loves and knows God and His Word, and through her writings causes you to want to know Him and His Word more intimately. So, buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life as you open the first book of this trilogy.


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