Today’s Prayer

Lord, my heart adores You. My soul bows in prayerful adoration of who You are. I thank You for Your enduring, steadfast love that sustains me. In my distress, You are the refuge that I seek. In the midst of turmoil, it is Your presence that calms the storm inside of me. I rejoice that I am on Your side. Your victory vanquishes my fears. Your triumph on the cross instills hope as an anchor within me. Who is like You, my great Savior? There is none that captivates my heart like You, Jesus. When I am surrounded by unsavory emotions, the song You give me refocuses my thoughts. Jesus, You are the cornerstone that holds my being together in truth. You are the rock that has become the foundation of my life. Grieve my soul unto repentance, Holy Spirit. With Your beautifully graceful hands, continue making me. Under the Word of Your truth in 2 Corinthians 7:10 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I humbly pray.

For godly grief produces a repentance
that leads to salvation without regret,
whereas worldly grief produces death.
2 Corinthians 7:10, ESV

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