Today’s Prayer

Set my mind on what You desire, Spirit of the Living God. I delight to please You, my Lord and King. Rid me of my own inclination toward selfishness. Grant me the power of sacrificial love that glorifies You in every relationship You place me in. Teach me through others how to be more like You, Jesus. Shed every dark tendency that lurks within my soul until I am filled with the light of Your love. Hold my hand so that I can rise above the storm on Your wings of grace. For I long to be with You. My deepest desire is to reflect You in all that I say and do. Shape my rough edges, Lord. Smooth out my bumpy emotions. Let the peace that You offer me be the anchor for my soul. Father, I long to go deeper, wider, higher and longer than ever before with You. Lead me, Lord, and I will follow. Under the Word of truth in Romans 8:5 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I humbly and delightfully pray.

Those who live according to the flesh
have their minds set on what the flesh desires;
but those who live in accordance with the Spirit
have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.
Romans 8:5, NIV

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