Today’s Prayer

Lord God Almighty, invite me into the inner sanctuary of Your heart where I can find the nourishment that my soul seeks. Increase my love for You, Jesus, as You meet me in the midst of brokenness. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, remove the mischief that plagues my heart leading me to stray from Your presence. In all that I do, let me honor You. In all that I am, make me to bear Your image well. Take my reaching hands into Yours, Lord, as You show me the way that I should go. I look only to You to rebuild what the enemy has torn down. I fix my gaze upon the eternal horizon of Your promised land awaiting me. Help me not to lose hope, Lord, because I trust in You. Help me not to forsake faith, because You have led me in truth. Walk me toward love because You have empowered me through grace. Under the Word given in Psalm 28:2 and the authority of Jesus Christ, I pray with my heart bent toward Your throne, God.

Hear the voice of my supplication
(specific requests, humble entreaties)
as I cry to You for help,

As I lift up my hands and heart toward
Your innermost sanctuary (Holy of Holies).
Psalm 28:2, AMP

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