Today’s Prayer

In the quiet, tune my ears to the sounds of heaven, Lord. In the chaos, shield me from the noises of deception. I come to You when the ground beneath me shakes with uncertainty because You are my sure foundation. I come to You when my senses distract me with promises of pleasure that can only be found in You. Father, forgive me for my lingering iniquity. Lead me to the higher plain where I can see from heaven’s perspective. Remind me of my true citizenship, Lord, when I have lost my way. Jesus, my Good Shepherd, rescue Your lost sheep when I have wandered from the flock. Beneath Your protective, incorruptible love, let me grow and flourish toward Kingdom glory. Beneath Your steady gaze, lead me in the way of righteousness for Your Name’s sake. In all that I do, Lord, may I bring You honor. In all that I am, may the praises of my life be the delight of Your heart. Under the blessed Word of Psalm 106:8 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I pray.

Yet He saved them for His Name’s sake,
to make His mighty power known.
Psalm 108:6, NIV

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