Today’s Prayer

Truly, You are my God. My soul finds delight in You, alone, Jesus. My heart seeks the rest the only You can offer. When darkness closes in and the storms of life threaten me, let my faith in You anchor me to the truth that defies the tempest of lies. When the ground beneath my feet shakes with uncertainty, let my trust in You enable me to walk atop the void of timelessness, knowing the future is safe in Your hands. There is nothing that You cannot accomplish through me, Lord. Grant me a surrendered spirit. There is nothing that You cannot overcome in me, Jesus. Grant me a submissive heart. Do a mighty work in Your servant through the power of divine love that is incorruptible amidst a corrupt world. Let me be Your vessel today, tomorrow and forever more. Under the mighty assurance of Your Word and authority in Psalm 77:12 and the glory of Your great Name, I bow in prayer.

I will consider all Your works
and meditate on all Your mighty deeds.
Psalm 77:12, NIV

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