Today’s Prayer

My Father in heaven, through a sudden and violent encounter with Your presence, illuminate the path of Your will like lightning flashing across a darkened sky. Break me until I am brought into the depth of Your fantastical truth in such a way that all doubt is vanquished. Reveal to my heart that which is necessary for me to become what You desire me to be. In You, Lord, there is no darkness. In You, the light of life shines forth, penetrating the midnight landscape of my own soul’s iniquity. Enlighten me each day, my Lord, with certainties that can only come from the whispering presence of Your Holy Spirit. For my heart has searched painfully long for the fulfillment of desire. My spirit is parched. Fill me as only You can, Lord God. Though I was lost in aimless wandering, You delighted to find me and call me Your own, Jesus. Though I strayed into enemy territory, getting myself stuck in a pit, Your arm was long enough to save me. Every cord of my being is stroked by Your hand to play a new song of joyous triumph because I was lost and You delighted to find me in Christ. Under the Word of Luke 15:32 and the authority of Jesus, I pray.

We had to celebrate this happy day.
or your brother was dead and has come back to life!
He was lost, but now he is found!
Luke 15:32, NLT

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