Today’s Prayer

My Jesus, let my love for You be rekindled in fiery faith. Forgive the dry offerings of my prayers as of late. Let the soil of my heart be upturned so that discouragement’s roots are weeded out of me. Replant the love that drew me to You at first. Let the blossoms of devotion come to full bloom. Make my soul a garden of holiness once again, Lord. Forgive me for becoming accustomed to the richness of Your blessings. Remind me of the measure of the great sacrifice that planted the seeds of hope, love, peace and patience into me. Water the ground with the drippings of Living Water until a deluge of truth permeates the soil. Grow Your Spirit in me, Lord. Bring the color of faith to the canvas of my life. Re-introduce me to Your love, Jesus, so that I can walk the path of devoted faith. Under the mighty Word in John 16:1 and the authority of Christ, I pray.

I have told you these things so that you won’t abandon your faith.
John 16:2, NLT

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