Today’s Prayer

I come before You, my compassionate Savior. I rejoice that You are not unfamiliar with the trials that I face, Jesus. How blessed am I when affliction comes upon me because it is then that I am most aware of Your nearness. When I am at the foot of the mighty mountain that looms before me, is not my cry to You louder than when I am on the summit? When my soul is in anguish within me, is not my prayer heartier than when I am at ease? Truly, when I have been cast down, You are there to lift me up, Jesus. When I have stumbled, You have been there to steady me. Your consolation brings me to the other side of joy. For Your joy is fully dimensional, granting peace in times of discomfort, granting relief in the midst of pain and consolation that far outweighs the misery of life’s trials. No matter what I face, Lord Jesus, help me to be content in the times given me. Under the blessed Word of Psalm 94:17-19 and the authority of Christ, I pray.

Unless the Lord had helped me,
    I would soon have settled in the silence of the grave.
I cried out, “I am slipping!”
    but Your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.
When doubts filled my mind,
    Your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.
Psalm 94:17-19, NLT

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