Today’s Prayer

Your Word, my Lord, is a treasure of inestimable value. Do not let me grow weary in mining for the jewels hidden within Your Word. May this double-edged sword so graciously placed in my hands be wielded with the force of Your Spirit to slay all fears and demolish all despair. With the brightness of the light of Your glory, let Your Word illuminate the corruptions of my own heart so that I may be purified by the intake of truth. When the distress of life draws me to the battlefield, let my quiver be full of the arrows of Your promises. The sharpness of Your assurance smites the taunts of the enemy with a deadly wound. Though I may grow weary from battle, let me consistently seek refuge within the mighty fortress of Your Holy Word. Lord, may I never take for granted the treasure bestowed upon my soul in Christ. Let my life remain hidden with You now and forevermore. Under the Word of Colossians 3:3 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I pray.

For you died to this life, and your real life
is hidden with Christ in God.
Colossians 3:3, NLT

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