Reclaiming the Promise

TITLE: Reclaiming the Promise

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

Two lives that were world’s apart yet destined to be brought together for the purpose of fulfilling God’s promise to His people. Salmon was only a boy when God rescued His people from slavery in Egypt. Yet, years of living out the consequences of unbelief consistently tested the growing man’s faith in God’s promises. He grew into a leader of Israel only to recognize that his people, God’s chosen ones, were still filled with unbelief. Salmon struggled to remain faithful in the midst of a discontented culture. He wanted to believe that God would lead them to the Promised Land, where Salmon was sure a treasure awaited him if he had the patience to trust in God. Rahab, a young girl wise beyond her years, glimpsed faith in a God that was not of her own people. Yet, as she grew into a young woman, circumstances forced her to live a life that she never would have chosen for herself. Shamed, humiliated and abused, Rahab thought she had nothing to offer of any worth. She felt tainted by her lifestyle of prostitution and hopeless for any future rescue. The longing within her heart to belong to the people of Israel confused her. She didn’t understand why a glimmer of hope refused to die within her. Did she really believe she could reclaim the promise given her as a child – the promise that she would be the mother of a great King? With enemy forces constantly pushing against them, how could these two people hold onto God’s promise through the ravages of time? Would Salmon trust his God to lead grumbling people into the Promised Land? Would Rahab hold onto the cord of belief which was given her as girl even when a life of darkness tried to destroy her? How was God going to rescue them both so that they could be a part of His grander plan?

This story is complete with questions at the end of the book for group discussion or personal reflection relating to each chapter.

Book One in Woman of Valor Series (available in paperback or kindle)

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Reclaiming the Promise

Reclaiming the Promise (2)

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