Today’s Prayer

Lord, I am a lowly pilgrim making my way through the treacherous country which is not my home. Though I live in this world, let me not be of this world. Change my desires to match Your holy will. Loose the cords that bind me to this earth as You remind me that I am a stranger in the land. Jesus, take me into Your sweet embrace. Your Words are soothing to my soul. Your truth is ever on my tongue. Let me not shrink from the ridicule of those who do not understand heaven’s language. Let me not compromise to ease the suffering of my journey. How my heart longs for home, where You are waiting to receive me. How my soul delights in the assurance of the promise that I will be with You in paradise. Though I remain a sojourner, I am far more blessed than those who sit upon a throne. Though I am an outcast in this world, I carry the sweet comfort of my citizenship in heaven. Under the Word given in Philippians 3:20 and the authority of Christ, I pray before the altar of the King.

But we are citizens of heaven. Christ,
the One Who saves from the punishment of sin,
will be coming down from heaven again.
We are waiting for Him to return.
Philippians 3:20, NLT

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