Today’s Prayer

Forgive me LORD for my weakness, my overwhelming tiredness. I long to be full of the life that You have given me; to share the incredible joy that my relationship with You, Jesus, brings me. But the joy is buried beneath the physical afflictions that plague me. And there are days, too many days, when I am too tired to dig for the treasure of Your inheritance. But You are the strength of my heart, my LORD. Only You can carry me when I am no longer able to walk. You lay me down in a beautiful meadow of wild flowers in the garden of Your Word. You whisper words of healing while breathing strength back to my soul. I do not ask for You to take away these trials because they bring me closer to You, Jesus. I have seen Your strength against my own weakness. I have felt Your breath amidst my own exhaustion. How I rejoice in knowing You, my God and my King. Though my afflictions drag me down, I know that You are with me. In hope, I will face each day knowing that it brings me closer to You. I am nothing without You, Jesus. Everything in me is drawn to You, my Creator, my God. Empower me to live for You despite my frailty. Show me the wonder of Your great love because it is life to my soul. You have forgiven me in Christ. Your Spirit enables me to overcome all weakness. Your presence is my source, my energy, my reason. Under the Word of truth in Isaiah 40:29 and the authority of Christ, I pray.

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
Isaiah 40:29, NIV

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