Today’s Prayer

Precious Savior, shield me from the infection of selfishness. Let the accusation of pride not fall with validity upon my rebellious soul. Rather, let me fall into Your arms of grace as the shadow of the cross covers me from the enemy’s snare. There is nothing but emptiness in the treasures of this world. True riches come from my undeserved inheritance in Christ. Lord, unravel the inward controversy that has taken me down a cruel, disquieting path. Lead me out of the ugly landscape of unholy thoughts until I am made new with my mind re-born to truth which only comes from Your Word. When I am bereft of answers to life’s complexities, I rejoice to find rest in Your sovereignty. When I am caught unaware by the unexpected, I vanquish fear knowing that You are the controller of my destiny. Under the authority of Christ and the Word of truth in James 4:10 I pray.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you.
James 4:10, ESV

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