Woman of Valor Series

This four book series fictionally explores the lives of prominent women living before the birth of Christ. Through the eyes of these biblical characters we learn the value of hope, faith, submission, and trust. Journey with four women of valor whose beauty and strength resided deep within their hearts of faith despite the difficulty of the times they lived in. Rahab was a known prostitute whose heart of faith was not hidden from the Lord. Ruth was a foreigner whose destiny appeared bent toward destruction. Hannah was a simple woman with a deep love that overcame loss. Abigail was a woman who supported the king and lived a life that would impact Mary, the mother of God’s Son. Complete with chapter questions that take you back to Scripture and personalize the saga, these fictional stories are designed to deepen your own love for a God who births new life in your heart.

To order: visit Amazon.com/author/devotedstepsministry or click on the links below:

Kindle Version: Woman of Valor Series

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Book One: Reclaiming the Promise

Book Two: Resurrecting Love

Book Three: Rebirthing Faith

Book Four: Realigning the Heart

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