Today’s Prayer

My Lord and Savior, let Your special revelation come and reveal Yourself to me in new and majestic ways. Penetrate my daily experiences with awareness of Your presence. Manifest specific instructions of truth to my heart, Lord. Push me beyond seeking You in mere reading or cursory hearing, but let me seek You in the depth of prayer, worship and praise. I delight to please You, my Lord. I rejoice in carrying out Your will in my daily walk. Inspire me to look for the unfolding of Your wondrous person so that my soul will be saturated with the peace that only comes from You, Jesus. Your nearness brings heaven down to me. Your reminder of heaven’s glory blows away the shadows of adversity that cloud my life. Make my communion with You fruitful, Lord. I have much to learn from You, my Teacher. Invade the ignorant recesses of my mind with wisdom that can only come from You. Visit me in love, Lord. For in Your presence are pleasures forevermore. Only You can lead me on the path to holiness, Jesus. Only You can shepherd me through the valleys of turmoil. Grant me the joy of walking with You every day, my Lord and my God. Under the truth of Psalm 16:11 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I bow in adoring prayer.

You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy
of Your presence and the pleasures of living with You forever.
Psalm 16:11, NLT

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