Today’s Prayer

Blessed are You, God of the beginning and Lord of the ending. Sanctify every ending in my life with a new beginning in the Spirit. Take my fruit, the good, the bad and the unripe, and use it to feed, fertilize and grow glory for Your Kingdom. Speak into existence that which has yet to be, Lord God. I wait with breathless anticipation for the new thing You are doing in and around me. Hold me back from fearing the unknowns of the future because You are already there. My heart wants to be where You are. My soul longs for Your nearness. When I thirst, it is Your Living Water that quenches me. When I hunger, it is Your Bread of Life that feeds me. Only in You, Jesus, can I have the satisfaction that allows me to overflow in abundant love toward others. Your compassion is my canopy. Your mercy is my shield. With a trembling heart, I lay bare all of my iniquity before You. Take that which does not belong and banish it to oblivion. Let my entire being resonate with the holiness of eternity even when I am sojourning within the confines of temporal existence on earth. Lord, make me Your vessel. Use me as an offering of light to the darkness in this world. Truly, my soul is blessed because You have known me from the beginning and wait for me at the end. Under the beautiful word of assurance in Revelation 22:13 and the authority of Christ, I bow in prayer.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
Revelation 22:13, NIV

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