Today’s Prayer

My Lord, chase away the unwelcome intruders that vie for position upon the throne of my heart. It is beneath Your reign, alone, that my corruptible, confused soul can finally be ushered into the realm of peace. I cry out to You, Lord God, for the new spirit which will bring to life all that is good and put to death all that is vile within me. Jesus, You are the only One who can rescue me from the stronghold of resistance which I have built up against You. Take possession of all that belongs to You, Father. Give me strength to open the door of my soul because I hear Your relentless knocking. Your presence is a blessing. Your guidance is a gift. Beneath the canopy of Your truth, I bow before the invitation to open all You have destined for those called by Your Name. Help me to not be afraid as I take the first step out of the boat of selfishness and onto the waters of holiness, walking toward You, Jesus. May my eyes ever be fixed upon Your glory. Under the beautiful imagery of Matthew 14:28-29 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I bow in humble prayer.

“Lord, if it’s You,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to You on the water.”
“Come,” He said.
Matthew 14:28-29, NIV

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