Today’s Prayer

Amazing and glorious You are, O God! You answer every prayer. You beckon those who have gone astray. You lead the lost and repair the broken. Worthy of praise is the Sovereign LORD. What is it that You see in Your children? Why do You so graciously bestow Your love? For we are not worthy, my LORD. In our desperate need, You met us. In our utter despair, You held us. In our disobedience, You forgave us. I look upon the cross and in the midst of the pain and suffering, there is love. This love that I cannot fully understand but thirst for from deep within. This love is the only thing that can fill the empty spaces within me. Jesus, my love is complete in You. You take away my pain. You free me from every chain. You lift me up when I have fallen and lead me on steady ground. When nothing makes sense, LORD, I can go to You for understanding. Life may seem so long but to You it is only the blink of an eye. We are Your children, the sheep of Your pasture who need a perfect shepherd. How grateful are those who know Your voice because we belong to You. The LORD knows each of us intimately and powerfully. Because Your presence surrounds us and empowers us, LORD, we are never alone. Jesus, Your Name is power. Your Name is the sword with which we fight our battles. Amazing and glorious is Your Name, Jesus. Under the blessed Word of Psalm 5:11 and the power of Your authority, I pray.

But let all who take refuge in Thee rejoice, let them ever sing for joy;
and do Thou defend them, that those who love Thy Name may exult in Thee.
Psalm 5:11, RSV

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