Today’s Prayer

Lord, bring me to the depths of the calm that follows the stormy seas of doubt upon which my soul has set sail. Make my tears into flower petals kissed by the dew of heaven even though they have fallen from the rose on which they were created. Bring me through the relentless rain of adversity until the sweet scent of eternal cleansing ushers in the radiant skies of faith. When Your beloved has climbed that mountain, rest me in Your presence so that I can enjoy the view of the promise. Jesus, You are my fulfillment. You are my eternity. My heart longs to be with You on the heights and delights to follow You in the depths. May my tormented soul continually move toward the deep, abiding peace Your compassion offers. The horrifying turmoil of self-awareness is pleasantly replaced by the indwelling reign of Your Spirit’s calm. Make me ever mindful in grateful praise of the beauty of reconciliation bought with copious drops of the blood of heaven spilled upon the ground of earth at the foot of the cross. Only in poverty can Your child receive the riches of Your inheritance. Only in falling can Your servant rise. Only in dying can Your beloved truly live. Oh, that I might wait to drink of the vintage of heaven even though my heart is parched in this world. For Your matured wine is the only taste of love I ever want to consume, Jesus. Let me remain empty until I can take the fruit of the vine with You in Your Kingdom where holy fulfillment awaits my believing soul. Under the Word of truth in Luke 22:17-18 and the authority of Christ, I humbly pray.

After taking the cup, He gave thanks and said, 
“Take this and divide it among you.  
For I tell you I will not drink again from the fruit of the vine
until the kingdom of God comes.”
Luke 22:17-18, NIV

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