Today’s Prayer

Within the sweet faithfulness of Your promises, I take refuge Lord. Bid me to come to the place where You are. Grant me the tools necessary to mine the depths of Your fathomless love, Lord Jesus. For I will never be satisfied with anything less than all of You. Your unchanging nature is my sure foundation. Your grace is my searched for solace. Your wisdom is my guide. Your power is the canopy that offers protection to my soul. Every precious drop of Your blood shall never be taken for granted by those fully devoted to You, God. Every glimmer of heaven’s majesty as rested upon Your head in a crown of thorns will be a beacon of hope for those called by Your Name. For Your faithfulness is unfailing. The mighty reach of Your arm is limitless in its ministration of salvation. May I never forsake the perpetual inheritance that is covenantally mine through faith in Jesus Christ. You have graced me with far beyond what this mortal flesh deserves and so brought life to the deadness of my soul. Let me bow in adoration for my Lord and my King whose omnipotence and infallibility brought about the salvation of souls belonging to Him. May there never be a diminution of faith for those who profess to believe. Under the Word of truth in John 6:68-69 and the authority of Christ.

Simon Peter said to Him, “Lord, who else can we go to?
You have words that give life that lasts forever.  
We believe and know You are the Christ. You are the Son of the Living God.”
John 6:68-69, NLT

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