Today’s Prayer

I need You now, my LORD. The ground beneath my feet is falling away. You are the solid rock on which I stand. The threads of my faith are wearing thin. My fragile faith is about to break. But You can hold me with Your mighty hand. I cling to You, Jesus. When the fog around me is so thick and cold, I can see the shimmer of Your light on the dark places. When I feel amidst all these people that I am all alone, it is Your presence that gives strength to my heart. Holy God, do You hear my small voice? Can the whispers trapped inside of my soul escape to Your throne room? Are the prayers of my spirit reaching the Holy of Holies? Where do I go from here? My steps are unsure. My feet are unsteady. You are my guide, my LORD. I trust in You completely. So I grab Your hand with no intention of letting go. I know that You will show me because You have been down this treacherous path. Such peace as Yours gives me strength when I am holding onto You, Jesus. It no longer matters to me that I do not recognize the land stretching out before me. My eyes will be fixed on the LORD. In Him, my heart will follow with trusting beats. And I find that the rhythm will synch me to God’s will. And I find that the worries and troubles that plague me are abruptly hushed. Under the Word of truth in Matthew 4:19-20 and the authority of Christ I bow in humble prayer.

“Come, follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”  
At once they left their nets and followed Him.
Matthew 4:19-20, NIV

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