Today’s Prayer

Father, You are all I need to get by. You are the Lord, God Almighty. The heaven’s declare Your glory. The Word proclaims Your truth. The promised goodness has been revealed by the slain lamb who came to breach the mighty gap between us. Lord, how I rejoice in this new covenant of grace. How I delight in the betrothal written in mercy’s ink – the blood of Your Son, my propitiation. What wonder of all wonders that You chose me, a helpless captive, to be Yours. God, continue to confirm me by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Astonish me with new sight to see into the darkness. Ravish me with perpetual awe at the daily manifestation of Your presence in my life. Though I have made my home in the dust, You have lifted me up and placed me among the stars. In You, there is fullness like no other, Jesus. In You, there is love that is true, undefiled and incorruptible. Every desire my soul harbors is realized in You, my Lord. Every longing is complete. Every search is ended because I have found the Way in Christ alone. Truly, I have all I need to get by, to thrive and to live the abundant life that gives glory to the King. My Spirit rejoices because I am His. Sanctify my wants in Your love, Lord. Under the mighty Word of truth found in John 17:17 and the authority of Christ, I humbly pray.

Sanctify them in the truth; Your Word is truth.
John 17:17, ESV

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