Today’s Prayer

O LORD, my God, understanding fails me; for Your ways are not my own. What is this deep mystery of a love so undeserved and yet so completely desired? This is Your story and I am but a character in it. You have granted me knowledge and awareness of the deeper things concerning life. You, my King, were pleased to save me. You came to rescue me no matter the cost. O LORD, I am poor and I need You -so do not delay. You always come quickly to help me. You deliver me from the attacks of the enemy. There is no shame, no confusion in my heart because I know I am Yours. May those who seek to trouble me and make me forget who I am be silenced. Yours is the only voice I will listen to. Jesus, You are my King and my God. Though there are days when clouds loom over me, You are always there to make them dissipate. There is so much I long to know. There is so much yet to experience with You, my LORD. But let my feet never get ahead of where You are. Keep me on the straight path that leads me to always be where You are. I will follow You, Jesus, no turning back. Your love is my motivation. The unsearchable mystery of God is my pursuit. With gratitude I bow before You, the author and writer of sacrifice. I thank You for making me a small part of Your grand story. Write Your will across my heart. Under the Word of God in Psalm 71:3 and the authority of Christ I bow in sweet prayer.

Be my rock of safety where I can always hide. Give the order to save me,
for You are my rock and my fortress.
Psalm 71:3, NLT

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