Today’s Prayer

My Father in heaven, how far am I from being conformed to Your likeness? Can others see Jesus in me or am I blinded to my own folly? Only You can shape me with the tools of Your Holy Spirit. I am far too unmoved by the weight of my sin. Make my heart grieve as Yours does, God. Let such grief at my iniquity not cast a shadow of guilt upon the ministry of the life but rather a deep understanding and appreciation of divine grace. Lead me to endeavor to discover the depths of the treasure of meekness and humility with which Your Spirit is radiantly displayed. For You have delivered me from this body of death as only You have the power to do. And so I gladly enter the field of self abasement not to wallow there as twisted pride would tempt me but to learn there the amazing, mysterious nature of Your all-consuming love. Your Spirit is altogether lovely Lord. The indwelling nature of Your heart delights my own. For what I once was I am no longer, and what I am will be better tomorrow. For to live is Christ and to die is the greatest of gains. Under the Word of authority in Philippians 1:21 and the love of Jesus, I bow in prayer.

For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better.
Philippians 1:21, NLT

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