Today’s Prayer

Gracious God, let me drink with ecstatic delight from the fount of Your blessings. Even in suffering I know the taste of assurance because all things are worked for the good of Your perfection and plan. Your truth is the delicious morsel of goodness that satisfies my hungry soul. I rejoice in majestic anticipation of eternity with You. Even if I should be the lowest of servants in Your Kingdom, Lord, it would be enough for me to catch a glimpse of Your beauty. Would You grant me a foretaste of the intimacy we will share in heaven? Let our prayer time be my secret place of rendezvous with Your Spirit. Lord, deposit heavenly contents into my earthen vessel so that I spill out the light of Your love and abundance of Your hope. Let Your hands form my heart into Your likeness. Make every awakening thought bring me into Your wisdom and council. Help me abide in You, Lord Jesus, so that I may keep Your commandments. May the radiance of Your countenance fill my entire being with iridescent adoration as I worship You in prayer. Under the blessing of the Word in Psalm 18:25-28 and the authority of Christ I humbly pray.

With the faithful You show Yourself faithful;
With the blameless You prove Yourself blameless;
With the pure You show Yourself pure,
And with the crooked You show Yourself astute.
For You save an afflicted people,
But You humiliate haughty eyes.
For You light my lamp;
The Lord my God illumines my darkness.
Psalm 18:25-28, NASB

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