Today’s Prayer

My heart opens to You, the One with the key, Lord. Let it remain securely locked against anything attempting to undermine Your place on the throne within. Only You know my way, Lord Jesus. My trust in You grows evermore with the gift of a new day. May each breath be an act of worship. May each waking moment be met with rejoicing for the day You have made. May each restful sleep find me safe in Your arms. Strengthen me despite my weaknesses so that I may become what You originally designed. Inspire me Lord Jesus to reflect the truth of Your heart both in speech and in deed. Fill my empty spaces with the glimmering beauty of heaven’s promise. Your grace is the cloak that covers my marred image-bearing potential with the righteousness of Christ. Lead me to the path perfectly designed for my feet to tread. Under the power of the Word in Psalm 13:5 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I bow in prayer.

But I trust in Your loving kindness. My heart rejoices in Your salvation.
Psalm 13:5, WEB

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