Today’s Prayer

Remove the veil from before my eyes, dear LORD, for I am Your bride. You are the One who loves me. You are my Maker, my Redeemer, my Savior. No matter what strife life throws at me, You will shield me in Your love. Your truth is my shield against the flaming arrows of shame. Pull me into Your embrace, LORD, that I would never be out of Your sight. Let my failures not bind me. Let my guilt not define me. For You have set me free. For You, who endured the cross, have made me Your own. You have re-created me, making me new. Never once did You take Your eyes off me. Never once did You put down the pen You use to write the story of my life. You have torn the veil of shame and shown me why You came. In You, I am reminded who I am. So reach into the depths of my heart, O LORD. Remove every stain so I am re-created clean. Let Your tender and mighty hands make in me a pure heart, a cleansed soul. For if my shame were ever before You, how could I live? You have granted me forgiveness. I have been reconciled to You by Your work on the cross. My soul is re-created in Jesus Christ. I put my hope in You, LORD, and I wait for the battles of life to bring victory. I will wait for You to come, my King. I will wait for You to complete Your plan. For with You, my eyes can see. For with You, my ears can hear. In You, I have no shame. In You, I know my true name. You have met me in my mess. You have re-created me in my death. Though life’s battle wages on, in You I have found glorious rest. Under the Word of Christ in Psalm 27:14 and the authority of the Son of God I pray.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!
Psalm 27:14, ESV

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