Winds of Ruach

TITLE: Winds of Ruach

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

Winds of Ruach is a compilation of five novellas fictionally traversing a period in Israel’s history that spans three hundred years. God used the prophets to speak to His people during a tumultuous time when faith was challenged and spiritual discipline necessary. Five prophets, considered minor because of the shortness of their recorded work, lived out the message of God in a way that girded their faith and inspired those who truly listened to God’s voice. Jonah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Obadiah and Malachi were God’s chosen spokesmen.
Book One: Jonah felt he had every right to be angry when tragedy struck his household. He would soon learn that anger was a barrier to a right relationship with God no matter how justified the source of that anger. What happens when Jonah realizes that his deep-seated anger might cost him everything? Will he learn to embrace his forgiving God?
Book Two: Nahum was a victim of God’s wrath as it fell on the land of rebellious Israel. Intimidated for the majority of his life with little memory as to his origin, Nahum struggles to trust God to vindicate him. Grappling to understand why everything keeps going wrong, will Nahum surrender to the only One who can truly defend him?
Book Three: Habakkuk didn’t start his life fearing the Lord with paralyzing doubt. When he was a child, his faith was pure and unadulterated. As a priest serving in the Temple, Habakkuk realizes that something is keeping him from experiencing the fullness of faith. He doesn’t truly trust God’s heart toward him. Will he learn to be brave despite the circumstances that threaten the very existence of the Temple?
Book Four: Obadiah lived in two worlds while feeling as if he spiritually belonged to one. Born to an Edomite father and Jewish mother, he was constantly at war with his brother. How long would it take for Obadiah to learn that the Lord was with him in the battle? Even if he lost it all, would having God be enough?
Book Five: Malachi wrestles with what he knows to be true about God and how his life is unfolding. What does it mean to worship with a pure heart, not with ulterior motives? As God has the final say with His people, will they listen and faithfully wait for the promised future of redemption?
Explore the themes woven into the books of the minor prophets through these fictional journeys that reveal how mighty the Winds of Ruach (Spirit) truly are as they blow across history into today. The books are complete with relevant questions pertaining to each story that serve well for book clubs or as individual study. 

Sold as a set in paperback and kindle (titles are sold individually in hardcover)

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Book One: Jonah

Book Two: Nahum

Book Three: Habakkuk

Book Four: Obadiah

Book Five: Malachi

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