Today’s Prayer

Father God, like a holy rushing wind Your power of salvation can blow away the clouds of worldliness that eclipse my view of truth. Your breath of cleansing love can blow away the mists of temptation which entice my sinful nature. Fix my faith with constancy unshakable and resolute intimacy that honors You alone as my Lord. Jesus, You have done everything for me. You have clothed me with Your garment of righteousness. You have prepared me for the Kingdom and made for my soul a dwelling there. With the sweetest pleasure, You wrote my name in the book of life though it cost You so much to do so. I scarce can count the blessings You have bestowed upon one as unworthy as myself. Only Your love can make me worthy, Lord Jesus. So let me not keep the manifest treasure of all that has been entrusted to me hidden within my singular heart. Move me to live in this love through word and deed. May I continually press on in arduous worship and praise for the One and only. Let my life-breath manifest the beautiful constraints of love shared only with my Jesus and not of this world which is passing away. Under the treasured Word of God found in 1 John 2:16-17 and the authority of Christ I pray.

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, isn’t the Father’s, but is the world’s. The world is passing away with its lusts, but he who does God’s will remains forever.
1 John 2:16-17, WEB


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