Today’s Prayer

Lord, my heart lifts a cry from the depths as faith slips away because the storm of deception has increased in strength. Neighbor has turned against neighbor in judgment. Truth has become irrelevant in the shadow of the idol of self as Your holy image, reflected by those You created, becomes marred with worldly standards of beauty and preference. Even speech has become doubly minded with empty flattery or unwarranted censure. Father God, restore the sanctity of the words we use. Open blind eyes to see truth through the thick fog of lies. Remind Your people that to bear Your image is no small honor. Let us cling to the purity of Your Holy Word when all language around us has become polluted with personal agendas. The language of love which You have taught Your followers to speak is altogether powerful, Lord Jesus. Your language breaks down dividing walls of hostility, opens closed doors and stands firm on truth until the lies are vanquished and those called by Your Name beautifully reflect Your image in holiness. In the Spirit’s power Lord, blow away this tempest of deception so the world can look on You with hearts open to truth. Under the majesty of the Word in Ephesians 4:29 and the authority of Christ I bow in prayer.

Let no corrupt speech proceed out of your mouth, but only what is good for building others up as the need may be, that it may give grace to those who hear.
Ephesians 4:29, WEB

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