Today’s Prayer

Your matchless love is my wonderful solace, Lord God. When I was a stranger, wandering hell-bound, Your pursuant love relentlessly chased after me. When fleshly desire and carnal thoughts clouded my view of heaven, You sent a mighty storm of conviction to blow those clouds away. Your love restrained me from wallowing in self-destructive habits. When I deserved wrath You showered me with mercy. In my arrogant ignorance, Your love called me to the wilderness, unraveled the chords of deceit choking me and opened my eyes to see myself, naked and vulnerable before Your perfection. Shamed beneath my guilt and burdened by my sin, I hid in dismay. But Your love whispered truth and soothed my heart with the offer of saving grace. You washed me clean, Jesus. You made me new again. With love unfathomable, You called me Yours and staked a heavenly claim on my heart. Never let my soul forget this love. In Your love, which is the essence of Your being, I find my life, my truth and my way. May such a beautiful love not be lived unrequited by Your beloved child, Lord God. Under the Word given in 1 John 3:16 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I bow in prayer.

By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.
1 John 3:16, WEB

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