Today’s Prayer

Lord, help me press forward when so many things pull me backwards. Gird up my mind and repair the breach in the wall of my heart. Nothing short of complete devotion obtains the prize for my high calling in Christ. If I should wait upon You, let me wait in faith. If I should move forward, let me do so without weariness. For You supply the energy that I need. In the power of belief I will not fear fainting. Jesus, You are so much more than the way. You are the truth, plain and simple, for those with ears to hear. You are the life, pleasant and restorative. Though I frequently stumble along the path, Your guidance is not only a beacon, it is the power that lifts me out of the pit. When I journey upon feeble knees, Your presence calms and steadies me. You have delivered me from the shackles of pride, released me from the dungeon of selfishness and set me on the rock that is higher. With my hand in Yours, I need not fear the darkest parts of the journey. Do not let me wander, trying to find a better way. Yours is the only way I want to know, Jesus. Though I may glance behind, grateful for where we have been, let me set my gaze forward to the horizon of hope. Hills or valleys, mountains or cliffs, I gladly traverse whatever terrain You lead me through, Lord. As long as I am with You, I know I am moving forward. Under the mighty Word of Psalm 61:2 and the authority of Christ Jesus, my Savior King, I bow in adoring and devoted prayer.

From the end of the earth, I will call to you when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
Psalm 61:2, WEB


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