Today’s Prayer

To the One who tore the veil, I bow in prayerful allegiance. Thank You Jesus, my great and holy High Priest, for making the ultimate sacrifice on my behalf. Because of You I can now approach my God. Because of Your love I am cleansed. Lord, let me live my life and offering to You. Take me as I am but make me into what You desire me to be. Examine my heart in its depths Lord. For You do not delight in actions that are superficial in devotion. You see how pervasive my faith truly is. I am in need of more instruction, Lord. I am in need of everlasting grace. Look upon Your servant with mercy. Take me into Your counsel. With You is where I belong. Near You is where I want to be now and forever more. Divine grace allows me to call upon my God when thirst leaves my soul parched for truth, and when hunger leaves my heart longing for love. Your answer is my solace. Your presence my awesome refuge. Under the Word of God in Psalm 5:11 and the authority of Christ I bow in prayer.

But let all those who take refuge in You rejoice. Let them always shout for joy, because You defend them. Let them also who love Your Name be joyful in You.
Psalm 5:11, WEB


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