Today’s Prayer

My soul yearns for God. My heart longs for the living Savior. In You, I find rest in the midst of weariness. In You, there is solace despite the troubles that abound. The world may be devoid of wetness, parched and barren because of the mighty winds of deception that have sucked dry the sweet moisture of truth. In Your presence, Jesus, my heart is enriched by living water. A fountain of eternal promise lifts me from the pit of a hopeless existence. Your Word is resplendent with morsels of eternal bliss and heavenly sustenance. There is no greater delight than being guided by Your Holy Spirit. In Your presence, God, I find a sanctuary of beautiful peace. For You do not give as the world gives. Your gifts are forever and Your promises cannot be corrupted. Though my sight is often filtered by frail human emotion, I praise You for lifting that filter in order that I might better see the path of life which You have set me upon. My sins, though many, can no longer skew my view because You, Jesus, have taken them, casting them far away and giving me the clear vision of the gospel. Enable me to love much in this temporary world because You first loved me. Under the Word give in Luke 7:47 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I bow in prayer.

Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But one to whom little is forgiven, loves little.
Luke 7:47, WEB


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