Today’s Prayer

Keep my hope set on heaven, Lord. May the constraints of an earthly existence not diminish the promises of eternity. As I sojourn upon this earth, the attraction of Your divine Kingdom grows within my soul. Shine the glory of heaven through the legacy of my fleeting life. There is no other purpose than to bring glory to Your Name. Improve my spiritual sights so that I can look beyond the gray clouds of adversity. Let my heart be overwhelmed by nothing except the holy majesty of Your presence, God. Any desire that wedges itself between me and You I gladly set aside. While earthly treasure has temporary allure, the inheritance I have in Christ is the only wealth worth having. Raise up my soul in the strength of Your Spirit until purity and refinement chisel my soul into Your likeness. Let no unlawful pleasure entice me, staining what You have so graciously cleansed. Guard Your beloved from the sensual distractions which are illusions in the service of death. Father, kindle and animate the truth until faith catches like holy fire within and warms even the chilliest heart. You have brought me to new life. You enable me to live in the richness of it when I abide fully in You, my Savior. Under the mighty Word of God set down in Psalm 65:3-4 and the authority of Christ, I pray.

Sins overwhelmed me,
    but You atoned for our transgressions.
Blessed is the one whom you choose and cause to come near,
    that he may live in Your courts.
    We will be filled with the goodness of Your house,
    Your holy temple.
Psalm 65:3-4, WEB


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