Today’s Prayer

I am so weary that I could collapse. Life’s demands have pushed me and pulled me too far. I am in desperate need of rest. If only I could find solitude. So I will turn my gaze to You, my LORD. I will fix my weary eyes upon the brilliant light of the cross. Because in You, I will find rest. I am so burdened that I cannot take another step. The heavy schedule of life leaves me no room for peaceful pursuits. I am in desperate need of quietness. So I will sit at Your feet, my Jesus. I will listen to Your precious words of truth. Because in Your Word, I will find quietness. You have given me the gift of Sabbath. Let me partake of its grace. Because of Your Word, I am sanctified. Your precious words of truth come to me in soft whispers as I sit at Your feet. My soul is quieted. I am washed in peace. There is no burden that You will not carry for me. How my heart rejoices in You, Jesus. Because You are my Savior, I am redeemed. The light of the cross cleanses me from all my sin as I come to bow down beneath its authority. My spirit is made whole. I am aware of my breath. The work is finished because I am now in union with the King. I cannot be pushed and pulled out of His embrace. How my soul desires to glorify my God. Under the Word of truth in Matthew 11:28 and the authority of Christ, I pray.

Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.
Mark 11:28, ESV

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