Realigning the Heart

TITLE: Realigning the Heart

CATEGORY: Biblical Fiction

An unexpected pregnancy left Mary scared and alone.  Yet, her God would use the inspired stories handed down through oral tradition to encourage and sustain her. An unwanted marriage to a fool of a man left Abigail feeling used and forgotten. Yet, even though Abigail felt as if her obscure life didn’t matter, God would  reveal her heart through her legacy. They lived generations apart, yet their stories were intertwined with divine themes of truth, sacrifice and love not bordered by the confines of time. Abigail was a young woman who felt as if she lived in obscurity. She struggled with her desire for meaning and purpose in her life that pushed past the cultural barriers defining a woman’s true beauty. Mary was an unknown country girl from a small village who wanted to matter to God in ways her current social standing told her she never could. Both women would face the unexpected call of God upon their hearts. Both women would have to realign their hearts with Him rather than the cultural norms they grew up with.  When God placed His call upon their hearts, both Abigail and Mary realigned their personal desires to God’s will. Both women were destined to be influential in the life of a king – one the king of Israel and the other the King of kings. How would Mary’s obedience and faithfulness be used of God to usher in a new covenant of grace? How would Abigail’s resourcefulness and devotion be used by God to bless the house of David and the nation of Israel? Only God could take a life that appeared as if it would not be remembered and reveal His own heart through two women who loved Him more than anything else. Only God could realign the heart until it beat in rhythm with His despite the adversity and challenges of life in this world. How can one person’s story impact another even across the chasm of time? 

This story is complete with questions at the end of the book for group discussion or personal reflection relating to each chapter.

Book Four in Woman of Valor Series (available in paperback or kindle)

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Realigning the Heart



  1. Hi Denise! This is Elizabeth Field. My husband Keith and I used to go to Peace Presbyterian years ago with our kids, Shelby. Sidney and Jordan. It’s so neat to see that you are writing! I was blessed by your recent devotion about living a life that is grace filled. God bless you.
    Elizabeth Field

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Liz. Of course I remember you guys! See your updates on Facebook all the time. God brought me back to Peace as office manager so when I am not writing I work there now. I am so glad God used the devotion to bless you. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying being a grandparent. Sending hugs.


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