Today’s Prayer

Mighty God, call Your beloved to the summit of Your holiness. Only You can destroy the shroud that enfolds my heart. Only Your voice can bring dry bones to life again. Speak over me, Father, because I need the cleansing whispers of Your breath to infuse me with the Holy Spirit. Swallow up the finality of death which my mortal flesh fears by lighting up such shadows with the eternal hope given me in Christ. The tender touch of Your fingertips brushing away my tears are felt whenever I read the holy promises in Your Word. Thank You, my Lord, for removing my rebellious disgrace. Thank You for giving me ears to hear and a heart to listen in faith. My heart truly delights to trust in You. My soul rejoices in the beauty of Your salvation Cover me, my God, with Your mighty hand during perilous times. Cradle me in Your divine love on shattering days. Comfort me in the midst of pain. You are everything good, Lord God. You are my all. Under the blessedness of Isaiah 25:6-8 and the authority of Christ Jesus, I lay my prayers upon the altar of the King.

On this mountain the Lord of All will make a supper of good things ready for all people. It will be a supper of good wine, of the best foods, and of fine wine.  And on this mountain He will destroy the covering which is over all people, the covering which is spread over all nations.  He will take away death for all time. The Lord God will dry tears from all faces. He will take away the shame of His people from all the earth. For the Lord has spoken.
Isaiah 25:6-8, NLV

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